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Civil Service Commission

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Deputy Civil Service Commissioner (2 positions)

Reporting to: Civil Service Commissioner

Location: Kismaayo, Jubbaland State of Somalia

Purpose of the Position

The  Jubbaland  State  of  Somalia  has  been  established  under  the  terms  of  an  agreement

between the Federal  Government of  Somalia and Jubbaland in August 2013.  The Jubbaland

Government  has  commenced  establishing  the  administrative  structures  of  the  JSS  and  is

determined  that  the  Jubbaland  administration  will be  competent,  effective  and  merit-based,

and will serve the interests of all the people of Jubbaland fairly and equitably.

The  Jubbaland  regional  Civil  Service  Commission  has  been  established  to  oversee  the

Development and proper functioning of the Civil Service of the Jubbaland State of Somalia. A

Decree to establish the Commission was approved by the Jubbaland Council of Ministers on

26 January 2015.  The Deputy Civil Service Commissioners will assist the Civil Service

Commissioner in the overall management of the work of the Commission and its Secretariat.

The   Civil   Service   Commission   Decree specifies   that   the   Commissioner   and Deputy

Commissioners shall be selected to represent thebroad interests of the people of Jubbaland,

and at least one of the Deputy Commissioners must be FEMALE.

Responsibilities and duties

The   Deputy   Civil   Service   Commissioners   will   be   assigned   responsibilities   by   the

Commissioner  for  the performance of  the functions  of  the  Commission  set  out  in  the  Civil

Service Commission decree:

  1. Ensuring the proper implementation of the Civil Service Decree
  2. Formulating policies, rules and guidelines required to implement the Civil Service Decree

and ensuring their application

  1. Keeping records of the established positions for which budget has been approved in each


  1. Keepingrecords of allpersonnel employed by the administration, the positions they are

appointed to, and their salary entitlement.

  1. Coordinating recruitment, promotion, and transfer of Civil Servants
  2. Jointly with  the  JSS  Ministry  of  Finance,  making  recommendations  to  the  Council  of

Ministers  on  the  number  and  grade  levels  of  the  Civil  Service  establishment  and  the

salaries, allowances and benefits of Civil Servants taking account of economic conditions

and budget constraints.

  1. Dealing with serious disciplinary matters
  2. Dealing with complaints from Civil Servants
  3. Preparing quarterly and annual reports on the Civil Service


Specific tasks to be performed by the Commission include, but are not limited to:

  1. on commencement of the operation of the Commission:
  • Oversee recruitment of staff of the Civil Service Commission Secretariat
  • Establish  a  record  of  approved  civil  service  positions,  aligned  with  MoF  budget

Provision, including position numbers, location, grade, and job description.

  • Establish personal files for all civil service employees including the position number

they  are  appointed  to,  grade,  job  description,  qualifications,  salary  entitlements  and

Performance reports.

  1. on an ongoing basis:
  • Coordinate recruitment processes for vacantcivil  service  positions;  approve  job

descriptions and advertisements; appoint Recruitment Committees; and implement the

appointment recommendations of Recruitment Committees.

  • Issue contracts to  new  appointees;  establish  personal  files;  administer the  oath;  and

conduct induction training for new employees.

  • Reconcile Civil Service Commission employee records with MoF payroll records on a

monthly basis to ensure correct payment of salaries.

  • Develop   regulations   and   instructions   on   civil   service   employment   terms and

conditions and management as provided for in the Civil Service decree  and the Civil

Service Commission   decree  and  ensure  Ministry  and  Agency  compliance   with

regulations and instructions.

  • Develop,  coordinate  or   provide  advice  on   training  programs  for  civil  servants

including induction training on civil service performance expectations.

  • Deal with cases of misconduct  by civil  servants as provided for in  the  Civil  Service


  • Deal  with  appeals  by  civil  servants  or  candidates  for  appointment  in  relation  to

recruitment, promotion, transfer or other matters covered by the civil service decree.

  • Liaise with the Civil Service Commission of the Federal State of Somalia on issues of

mutual interest.

Qualifications and Training

The Deputy Commissioners must be Somali citizens  with a good  character, highly qualified

and experienced, and with high standards of ethics and integrity.

The  positions  require a university  degree  in  a relevant  discipline  and  a  minimum  of  three

years  experience  in  human  resource  management  functions in a  public sector  department  or

institution at a senior level.


The Deputy Commissioners are expected to possess a sound knowledge of:

  • Principles of good public sector administration
  • Modern personnel management practices
  • Principles of sound public financial management


The Deputy Commissioners must demonstrate

  • Commitment to the development of an effective, merit-based civil service.
  • High standards of ethical behavior and integrity
  • Ability to motivate and mentor staff

Ability to communicate well both orally and in writing

  • Ability to identify, analyze and solve complex problems
  • Ability to plan and organize work to ensure effective implementation of Civil Service

Commission functions.

How to Apply 

Interested candidatesshould send their application tojubalandcsc2020@gmail.com by 2nd February 2020. Each Application should include an updated CV, an application letter and contact information for three work-related referees.


Applications not including all the above information will not be reviewed. 


Only short listed candidates will be contacted










This job has expired.