CSC Coordination meeting in kismayo 29 Feb-02 Jan 2022 CSC Coordination meeting in kismayo 29 Feb-02 Jan 2022

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  1. The Civil Service Commission managed to competitively recruit of about 523 civil servants under multi partner fund’s RCRF II (Recurrent costs & reforms financing) in the different MDAs.
  2. Developed CSC strategic plan 2018-2020 with support of is it partner (PREMIS)
  3. Successfully recruited non RCRF donor funded positions for government agencies.
  4. Initiated a performance evaluation and appraisal of government ministries, particularly, on time management.
  5. Conducted trainings and induction programs for civil servants with the support of it is partner (PREMIS)
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The Civil Service Commission (CSC), as an independent and impartial government institution that was established through a presidential Decree in January 2015 and signed February, 2015 by the President of Jubaland State of Somalia. The mandate to oversee the proper functioning and regulation of the activities of the Civil Service in Jubaland State of Somalia and that the Commission is expected to be an efficient and effective government institution in serving the public.

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has its Headquarter based in Kismayo, the Interim Capital City of Jubaland State of Somalia (JSS). The Commission is independent and is part of the executive branch of the government being directly responsible to the office of the President.

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